"Picking Up
His Pieces"

          by: Nikole Miller

Can a man be forgiven of scandalous conduct - or is he doomed to be forever branded a pariah? If he confesses desire for forbidden fruit, will others accept him as a moral man? Does he deserve an honored title of husband, father, friend, mentor, or even Pastor if he reveals unholy lusts? The truth is that many of us are unable to accept an honest man’s confession, or forgive him.

"Picking Up His Pieces", a contemporary novel, leads readers through the lives of three imperfect men struggling with passion and impurity. Malcolm Stewart, separated from his wife of several years, struggles to survive physically and emotionally. His wife Telese and their two children are his world, but years of battling a harsh temper and taking his anger out on Telese must end.

Raymond Durrant, a handsome, married, well-educated, business professional, is driven by money and success. Nothing in this world can replace the heady power of wealth and status. His desire to excel at his game is within reach, especially if his beautiful but witchy boss, Amanda has anything to do with it.

Pastor Ivan James, haunted by his father’s sexual deviance, wrestles with a generational curse passed from father to son. His addiction to sex makes him feel unworthy of God’s anointing. Ivan, or “Ivy,” moves his family back to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, the place he left as a rolling stone, to become the pastor of Mt. Emanuel Ministries. His spirit is willing to live right, but his flesh is weak as he travels down the road to temptation and a past that must be dealt with.

This novel “Picking Up His Pieces,” aggressively addresses the struggle of troubled men and women in search of self and faith.

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Ella Curry
Ella Curry Interviews Nikole

What People are Saying
"Wow!!! The best way to explain this novel is this: This author takes you down a rainy path called life. Although along the path you carried an umbrella, it didn't completely shield you from getting wet. Although you are wet and maybe even drenched, you don't allow it to stop you from walking. You must continue the journey, in order to make it to your destination. Eventually the sun will shine and your clothes will dry. But most importantly, one day you can explain to the next man how you made it through the rain. Ms. Morgan, thank you; because right now my daughter is in the rain (prison), but my God, I can see the sun. I ordered your book and sent it to her yesterday through Amazon. You are officially my favorite author."

Jean Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia

"OMG, What can I say about this book. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Once I got my hands on this book, I just could not put it down. The characters in this book are a reflection of people in this world that are dealing with real problems, and can be delivered from them through God's word. Reading this book will help encourage those that may be struggling to get help. This book lets us see the POWER God has and how he can work through anyone. This is most definitely a book that MEN should read also. Please go out and tell everyone about this book, I know I will."

Rezinia Rosemond, Greenville, South Carolina

"Best Book I've read in years.. I just want to say to Nikole Morgan ....OMG... PICKING UP HIS PIECES, THIS BOOK I GIVE 10 STARS. Nikole Morgan did a remarkable job. I couldn't believe this was her 1st book. Once I started reading it, the book grabbed me. I laughed out loud, I got mad, sad, and cried. The characters were so real. If you enjoy a good fictional book that will grab you, hold you, make you smile, cry, grab your bible, & minister to you, PLEASE read this book. This book is definitely a book you want in your library. Nikole, I can't wait for the next one. It was Awesome, I loved it."

Denise Henderson, Greenville, South Carolina

"This book was a great read. It kept my interest with alot of interesting plots... I felt it all the way until the end. I can't wait for the next one. Congratuations Nikole on your future success. I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from you."

Eric Fowler, Greenville, South Carolina

"What a riveting book! God really used Nikole to spread His message of surrender and forgiveness. Nikole did a brilliant job of showing no matter where you are in life God is there. Once you start reading, you can't put the novel down! I am so looking forward to her next novel."

Melvya Tollison, Greenville, South Carolina

"This book is so inspiring!! I couldn't put it down. Nikole has found her gift as a story teller. This novel will transform your thinking in ways you never would have imagined. What an outstanding First Novel!! The story line will keep you turning page after page. I can't wait for the next novel. I was truly blessed reading "Picking Up His Pieces."

Donya Gambrell, Greenville, South Carolina

"Awesome book. This truly is a book that all must read. I believe that God had His hand all in this. I loved how God's Word was there. Real issues that we all face. It is so true that our past doesn't erase the future that God has for us. I'm so honored to know this talented, gifted Woman of God." (Hang on! There's more to come)

Vonda Simmons, Easley, South Carolina

"What an AMAZING book! It is a must read as it deals with real life issues that we have or know of someone who has been in these particular situations. Once I began reading, I found it very hard to put the book down as each chapter reels you in to each setting and you just can't wait to see what is going to happen next! I'm just totally excited and anticipating the sequel to this book and future books by Nikole."

Gail Robinson

"This is truly an inspirational book. It deals with the daily struggles of ordinary people and how to get past those issues. This is a must read!!!"

Alison Foster, Taylors, South Carolina

"I absolutely loved this book. It kept my interest from start to finish. I was so thrilled to tell someone about it after every chapter without giving pertinent details away. I told anyone that would listen this book is a must read and it does give a true portrayal of issues and mishaps in people's lives. I like how it showed how people make mistakes yet they learn from them and that they lean on God to get through the battles of the flesh. It is a well written book."

N. Robinson, Greenville, South Carolina

"Nikole, words cannot express how awesome your book is! I finished it early Thanksgiving morning. Your book made me want to read again, but it has to be on point like yours was. (LOL) You are blessed and your book was a blessing to me. My favorite chapter was 23. I pray that God continues to cover you as you continue to walk his path. I love you and I'm soooooo proud of you!"

Shayla Griffin, Greenville, South Carolina

"Picking Up His Pieces," was written beautifully.  It captivated my heart.  It was so spiritually enlightening.  Thank you Mrs. Morgan for reminding us what God can do in our lives.  The characters really brought it home; they seemed like family.  I'm so excited and can't wait to read the next novel.  Keep them coming.

Brenda Louris, Greenville, South Carolina

"I read this book and had a very hard time putting it down. I can't wait for the next one to come out. The different stories unfolded before my eyes and I felt the emotions of the characters. If you have not read it, it's a must read!
This book can be the key to your salvation!!"

Barbara Moore, Greenville, South Carolina

"MAGNIFICENT, SUPERB and OUTSTANDING!!! It will truly reel you in. It's full of drama, suspense and real life issues. IT IS A MUST READ. I highly recommend this novel. Buy it now!!! You will be blessed."

Victoria Butler. West Palm Beach, Florida

"I will continue to encourage all of you to get this book. Awesome writer. GOD has truely blessed the story teller."

Stephanie Walker, Taylors, South Carolina

"This "THING" disguised as a book is something of another!!!! I let people read one page and they immediately start tripping out and make it their mission to get the book!!! When I started reading the book, I forgot that I knew the Author! You won't have to wait until the middle of the book for something good to happen.....oh!...I'll just let you find out for yourself!!!!"

L. Michelle Webb, Greenville, South Carolina

"Picking Up His Pieces is a breath of fresh air. This Author not only cleverly, but, humorously shed light on darkness.
It's an amazing book. I can't wait for the next one."

Terrence Moore, Saint Louis, Missouri

"Truly Remarkable!!! Never have I been so engulfed in a book. Somebody find a movie producer; this has to be on the big screen."

Denise Straton, Xenia, Ohio

"Where did this author come from? She hit it out of the park. I've read this book 3 times already and each time it's just as exciting. Best book I've read in nearly 20 years."

Betty Arbors, Manhattan, New York

"Readers, You won't know what you're missing if you don't read this book. This author has made words live, walk, and talk. Absolutely marvelous."

Desmond Fowler, Richmond, Virginia

"It's hard to believe this is Nikole Morgan's first novel. She is a great story teller and she knows how to captivate her audience from the start. The more you get into the book, you can't help but be drawn into each of the characters of this soap opera/mini series styled novel. It will make you laugh out loud, cry, and most of all, actually have you talking to the characters in the book....you know how we do when we get caught up in our favorite soap or better yet, reality TV show. Whether your style is drama, romance, comedy or suspense, you will find it all in this book; it's full of twists and turns. My favorite character is Uncle Rufus (can't help but picture Tyler Perry's Mr. Brown when reading). He tells it like it is through his wisdom, knowledge & understanding and it is indeed "real talk" for them that have an ear to receive what he is saying!!! Purchase this book and I guarantee you, you WILL NOT be disappointed. It is definitely a page turner. I am impatiently awaiting the next one to be released. If you love authors such as Kimberly Lawson Roby, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Vanessa Miller, Carl Weber and Lutishia Lovely, to name a few, you will no doubt love this author and won't hesitate to add her to your repertoire."

Traycee Franklin, Greenville, South Carolina

"Words cannot express how amazing and surreal this book is. I never would've thought a single book could minister to my spirit in so many ways. It doesn't matter if someone is not an avid reader like myself, he or she could still greatly benefit from this book and be entertained simultaneously... Love, love, love it!!"

Nicco Sloan, Greenville, South Carolina

"I started reading this book at work and I couldn't get home fast enough. It had me cheating to find out what would happen next. This women can write her *** off. She is off the chain. I recommend this book as a christmas gift."

Khadejah' Aikens, Orlando, Florida

"OMG... A woman wrote this book! I can't believe it. Men, I'm telling you I was shaking my head. She kept it 150%. I'll buy anything she writes. She is definitely the next Terry McMilllian. This book will really make you think about life changes."

Raymont Hendricks, Atlanta, Georgia

"I am not a reader but my cousin went on and on about it, so I purchased it. Can't believe I'm actually writing a review. It had a few typo's but that's a easy fix. This book had me getting up early before work just so I could read. I felt like I was watching a movie. The characters are so real. So much of what she wrote about, was me. I won't lie, it had me in private tears. Nikole Morgan whoever you are, THANK YOU. You changed my life."

Eddie Johnson, Kentucky

"No doubt in my mind you will love this book. She grand slammed it. I absolutely loved it and I'm reading it again after I get it back from my sister."

Holly Trimmer, Columbus, Ohio

"The characters become so real that you become a part of their world. The characters are uniquely, slowly and thoroughly developed to give you the feeling that you actually know them and can predict their next move. If you think you know the bible, then think again. Nikole cleverly uses unexpected characters to point out Biblical Scriptures that will have you searching to see if what they're saying is really true. Nikole had me reading her book, studying the bible and questioning the Biblical understandings that I have always been led to believe. This book is a must read for both men and women!"

Tatia Merrill, Greenville, South Carolina

"AWESOME! The characters were so real! It was like I felt each one's life. I hung onto each chapter. I loved it! Nikole you blessed my soul."

Gwendolyn Gambrell Thomas, Piedmont, SC

"This book is great. It has had me crying and laughing. It's full of surprises at every turn. I congratulate you, Nikole, on a job well done. I am recommending this book for everyone to read. My sister is reading it now as well as my cousin and they both have expressed how much they love it."

Elaine McGowens, Easley, South Carolina

"This book is amazing. A heartfelt story that comes to life. It captured my attention right away and held me clinging onto every sentence. Like everyone else, I could not put it down. This is a book you'll read over and over again."

Tjuana Purry, Simpsonville, South Carolina

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