This unique design is the substance behind every word as they so vibrantly come to life. It represents God for who he is, a loving and merciful God. It reflects his love and shows us that no matter how far down we are in life, all we have to do is call him and he'll save us.

Nikole was born and raised in Greenville, S.C. where she currently resides with her husband and children.  After obtaining a Cosmetology License as well as years working in Manufacturing she realized her gifts and talents didn’t rest there.  Her passion for writing was a desire from within that would never die, no matter how much she attempted to surpress it.  She began writing as a way to escape painful memories of life’s misfortunes and allowed her own words to minister strength to her soul.  As God worked through her, she faced her fears of doubting herself, no longer believing the lie that the enemy planted in her mind of not being good enough.  She trusted God and courageously embarked upon a journey to fulfill a lifetime dream of bringing words to life.  She’s proven through her heart felt writing that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.  "Picking Up His Pieces" is her first novel.